Observations From Austria
June 24, 2014 ( Prev / Next )
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Red Bull Ring Straße to be precise.

One. Red Bull, as a marketing company, are phenomenal. Forget all the other pies the company has its fingers in and realise that just running a top level Formula 1 team requires multiples of hundreds of millions of euros in funding per year. Oh, and they have a mid-field team on the grid as well. The whole business of bringing the Grand Prix back to Austria is quite something, but having done so gave them some exclusivity - want to buy a soft drink from a stall? Which variation of Red Bull would you like? One wonders how many cans of their core product they sell every year. If their dominance in Formula 1 is really over it will be interesting to see how the company reacts.

Two. You couldn’t buy from a food/drinks stall anyway, you had to first exchange your cash for vouchers and then use those vouchers to purchase food/drinks. From a hygiene point of view i can understand this, no food vendors handling cash and the bottlenecks are moved to another part of the system, but i suspect those aren’t the reasons. Food/drinks stalls are already massively overpriced, no doubt this pushes the margins higher. Not only that, there must be a significant percentage of vouchers purchased that do not get redeemed; these cannot be returned, i still have over €5 worth left in my wallet. So the margins must be pushed high enough not only to justify this system, but to also pay for all the extra staff required in running it.

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