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The Slow Meditation of Large Format Photography
September 15, 2018

This is a sort-of-transcript of a talk I gave at this year's Swiss Perl Workshop. As the talk was largely pictures, and several of them not mine, I felt rather than uploading the slides I would make a short blog post equivalent. The talk contains more detail, although the sound wasn't great, but this post should fill in the gaps (or the talk fills in the gaps from this post...). The photo I took before the talk, which I reference at the start and is asked about at the end, can be found here.

Five Years of The Swiss Perl Workshop
July 04, 2018

It’s five years since I arrived in Switzerland, and rather than writing an obvious blog post on my time in the country I thought I would do this instead. The Perl programming language brought me to Switzerland, so it feels rather appropriate.


January 04, 2018



TPC and The End of Language Dominance
December 17, 2017

I’ve slowly been reading through the perl1 commit history to learn more about it, which is no small task given there are now more than 2^16 commits going back to the epoch of December 18 1987. But the commit logs for the perl git repository read like a book, so they’re a pleasure to look through. In fact, because I didn’t want to do this on my computer I’ve now exported the logs to a PDF and then to my Kindle2.

  1. Before we get started: there is “perl”, the interpreter, and there is “Perl”, the language. There is no such thing as “PERL”. While I will occasionally confuse “perl” and “Perl”, probably even in this post, you will never see me use “PERL”. 

  2. For the curious - the perl git repo was migrated from perforce and the history before 5.004 was rebuilt from the original Usenet posts/patches, so it does read like a git repo history should read: subject + rationale for each change. The logs up until the v5.26.0 tag contain 2,547,972 words across 659,680 lines. When exported to a PDF, via git log --reverse v5.26.0 > perl5_git_log.txt; cupsfilter perl5_git_log.txt > perl5_git_log.pdf they result in a 10,750 page 21MB file. 


Social Media Zero
September 27, 2017

Every app attempts to expand until it can send messages. Eventually those apps are added to the existing pile of apps that already do so.


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