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The Reality of the Old and New
May 31, 2021

I shot the photo below during a visit to Zermatt in October 2020. It was my fifth time there, and the second time the weather had been clear enough to allow me to see the famous mountain. The first time I saw this scene, in May 2019, I knew immediately it was a photo. I mean, I knew immediately it was an interesting photo. I’m attracted to this kind of landscape photography, which I feel is a lot more grounded in the reality of the modern landscape than traditional landscape photography1.

  1. Originally I had the word “traditional” in quotes here, trying to emphasise that i’m referring to what most people think of as landscape photography. The landscape has changed significantly since the time of Adams, et al, and the photography of the landscape should probably reflect that. Even Adams would occasionally include human elements in his photographs. 


What's With All The Monopolys?
January 18, 2021

In which we wonder if Monopoly, the board game1, is trying to establish a monopoly amongst retail board game space.




The Reality of the Old and New
What's With All The Monopolys?

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