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Roaming With A Mondo Card
May 01, 2016

I spent last weekend editing a few photographs from a short trip to Bahrain, in between that i was working on a perl library for the Mondo API. The thread the connects these two things is something i’ve mentioned before1: credit/debit card fees.

  1. Non-Sterling Transaction Fee


Bahrain April 2016
April 21, 2016

It felt as if everything was under development, either that or falling apart.


All Software is Legacy
February 22, 2016

In what may be judged in years to come as a moment of madness, I have volunteered to be the primary maintainer of the Perl CGI module ( For the non-technical readers of this post: is a few thousand lines of code that in the mid to late nineties, and even some years later, was helping many websites function. Ever visited a website and seen ‘cgi-bin’ in the URL? Yep, that was probably running Perl scripts and those were almost certainly using


Some More Photos From South Africa
October 13, 2015

Pre and post release, October 2015.


YAPC::EU 2015
September 06, 2015

Having spent the last twelve years as a full time perl developer i decided it was about time to attend a YAPC event1. YAPC allows a larger number of the perl community members to come together to catchup, discuss the various issues, technologies, concerns, highlights, thoughts, ideas, code, and companies; all of this related to perl, or largely related to perl. There are of course none-perl related happenings that occur too.

  1. YAPC: Yet Another Perl Conference


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