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Observations From Austria
June 24, 2014

Red Bull Ring Straße to be precise.


Permis De Conduire
May 29, 2014

I recently swapped my UK driving licence for a Swiss one, the Permis de conduire. I thought i would document the steps involved here for anyone else who has moved to Switzerland and is interested in swapping their licence. Actually there is a compelling reason to do so, even if you don’t ever plan on driving in Switzerland; your non-Swiss licence is only valid for driving in the country for the first twelve months of your stay, and if you haven’t swapped it within five years you will have to go through a full test. That could be expensive and won’t be in English.


On And Off The Pistes
April 29, 2014

The season is over, well almost over as i write this; there has not been snowfall for a month and temperatures have been above 10ºC most days, but remarkably a few pistes are still open near here. Higher resorts will be open until mid May, with some even keeping one or two pistes open year round.