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Some More Photos From South Africa
October 13, 2015

Pre and post release, October 2015.


YAPC::EU 2015
September 06, 2015

Having spent the last twelve years as a full time perl developer i decided it was about time to attend a YAPC event1. YAPC allows a larger number of the perl community members to come together to catchup, discuss the various issues, technologies, concerns, highlights, thoughts, ideas, code, and companies; all of this related to perl, or largely related to perl. There are of course none-perl related happenings that occur too.

  1. YAPC: Yet Another Perl Conference


A Lot of HUF
August 02, 2015

I took a brief trip to Hungary to visit the final European Grand Prix. As in: the final Grand Prix in Europe that i hadn’t yet been to. Until next year at least, when the European Grand Prix makes a comeback1. At which point the final European Grand Prix i visit will be the actual European Grand Prix2.

  1. It’s been away since 2013

  2. And just to confuse matters more, the European Grand Prix will be held in Azerbaijan, so it could in fact be called the European/Asian Grand Prix.


Hamburg June 2015
June 23, 2015

A few snaps from the Triennale der Photographie Hamburg.


May 25, 2015

I went back to Huddersfield for the weekend and not only managed to skate three days in a row, but also shot a few skate photos. That doesn’t happen often these days…


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